Student Media Board

Appointed by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

The Student Media Board serves as an advisory counsel to review and guide the establishment and amendment of policies to regulate all regularly produced student publications and broadcasts. This includes appointing editors and station managers; establishing reasonable rules concerning the time, place and manner of production and distribution of the publications; establishing schedules; controlling and approving finances; and hiring and supervision of a professional business manager/advisor, as needed.

Membership consists of a representative from University Relations; a representative from the Division of Finance and Administration; a student representative of the Associated Student Government (ASG); a student representative of the Society of Professional Journalists; the chief student editors/station managers of student media under the jurisdiction of the board, i.e., editors of the Arkansas Traveler and the Razorback; managers of stations UATV and KXUA; ex officio, the student media director; the chairperson of the Department of Journalism or his or her designee; and, ex officio and non-voting, the faculty advisors to student media groups.

Charlie Alison University Relations representative 2017
James Ezell Division of Finance and Administration representative 2017
Mackenzie Hill Student
Associated Student Government
Vacant Student
Society of Prof. Journalists
Vacant Editor-in-Chief
Arkansas Traveler newspaper
Christina Wilkerson Editor-in-Chief
Razorback yearbook
Ashton Eley Editor-in-Chief
The Hill Magazine
Jaratt Hobbs Station Manager
Lucas Coberly Station Manager
Larry Foley Department of Journalism Chair or designee*  
Robyn Ledbetter
Student Media
Student Affairs*
Gerald Jordan Faculty Advisor
Arkansas Traveler
Tiffany King Faculty Advisor
Rick Stockdell Faculty Advisor
Bret Schulte The Hill Magazine Faculty Advisor**  
Debbie Miller Student Ad Agency Faculty Advisor**  
Lori Lander Associate Dean of Students**  

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 10/10/17