Sustainability Council

Appointed by the Provost

The purpose of the University of Arkansas Sustainability Council is to make recommendations to the chancellor and provost and advise the Office for Sustainability (OfS) in implementing its programs and responsibilities. The Sustainability Council supports the OfS stewardship mission through development and coordination of ideas, information and resources among the university’s student body, academic departments and administrative units to expand the integration of sustainability into operational practices throughout the University of Arkansas and the community. The Sustainability Council is comprised of faculty, staff, students and representatives from the Fayetteville, Arkansas community. All academic and university community representatives are voting members and appointed by their respective unit leaders; extended community representatives are non-voting members of the council, and will serve ex officio from their organizations. 

The OfS convenes quarterly Sustainability Council Meetings, scheduled on an annual basis. The OfS director serves as the executive secretary of the council and as the presiding officer for all meetings. The executive secretary will distribute a draft meeting agenda two weeks before the scheduled council meeting. Council members can amend and revise the agenda until one week prior to the meeting, when a final agenda will be circulated and posted on the OfS website. Council members will represent their organizations at the council meetings and in appropriate work groups, with each council member participating in at least one work group. Council members will identify an alternate representative to attend council meetings in the event they cannot attend. If a member or their alternate is unable to participate in two council meetings within an academic year the executive committee will advise the provost to replace them.

Membership consists of: academic unit representatives appointed by the appropriate dean; one representative, appointed by the Sustainability Council executive committee, from Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Office of Business Affairs, Division of University Development, University Housing, Student Sustainability Council, Alumni Association, University Relations, University of Arkansas Foundation, Razorback Foundation, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the Transit and Parking Department; and one community representative from UA Service Providers, Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods, Technology Development Foundation, and Fayetteville Director of Sustainability, all serving as non-voting ex officio members. The executive committee of the Sustainability Council shall consist of the Associated Student Government president (or designated representative), executive director of the Office for Sustainability, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Management, and executive secretary for the Office of Sustainability.

Marty Matlock
Executive Director
Office of Sustainability
Mike Johnson
Associate Vice Chancellor
Facilities Management
Eric Boles Executive Secretary
Office of Sustainability
Trent Scaccia
President or designee
Associated Student Government
Catherine Shoulders Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Science 2018
Jeremy Battjes College of Education and Health Professions 2018
Darin Nutter College of Engineering 2018
Melissa Harwood-Rom Dean of Students 2018
Jeannine Durdik J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences 2018
Claire Luchkina Honors College 2018
Vince Capps Graduate School  2018
Molly Boyd University of Arkansas Libraries 2019
Carl Smith Fay Jones School of Architecture 2018
Don Judges  Global Campus 2018
Sara Gosman  School of Law 2018
Jon Johnson Sam M. Walton College of Business 2018
Kathleen Lehman Faculty Senate 2018
Donnie Blagg Staff Senate 2018
Jim Hashbarger Office of Business Affairs 2018
Sharon Donnelly University Development  2018
Jeff Vinger University Housing  2018
Austin Kreulach  Student Sustainability Council 2018
Ashlee Ann Gloede Alumni Association 2018
Will Gisler University Relations 2018
Vickie Ferguson University of Arkansas Foundation 2018
Norm DeBriyn Razorback Foundation 2018
Rob Stagni Arkansas Union 2018
Justin Maland Department of Intercollegiate Athletics 2018
Andy Gilbride Transit and Parking Department 2018
Kim Johnson (Chartwells) UA Service Providers*  
Vacant Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods*  
Vacant Technology Development Foundation*  
Peter Nierengarten Fayetteville Director of Sustainability*  

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 7/21/17