Toxic Substances Committee

Appointed by the Provost

The Toxic Substance Committee recommends policies for the use, storage and disposal of toxic substances, and monitors the application of the policies for compliance.  The chemical hygiene plan is available from the web page of the Environmental Health & Safety Unit of Facilities Management and is the full statement of university campus policy and procedures for handling toxic substances.

Copies of meeting minutes and annual reports will be forwarded to the chairperson of the Health and Occupational Safety Council, as that council is responsible for coordinating the activities of the committees assigned to specific health-related or occupational safety areas.

Membership consists of one faculty representative from the Departments of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, Animal Science, Poultry Science, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Entomology, Physics, and the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing; one faculty representative from the School of Human Environmental Sciences; one representative from Facilities Management; one student; ex officio, the hazardous materials manager; the director of the Office of Environment Health and Safety and; ex officio and non-voting, the director of research compliance.

The chairperson is elected from the faculty members.

Gary Enzor Facilities Management 2019
Undergraduate Student Vacant 2017
Graduate Student Marissa Reynolds 2018
Carol Agana Eleanor Mann School of Nursing 2018
Michelle Evans-White Department of Biological Sciences 2018
Fred Pohlman
Department of Animal Science 2018
Neelendra Joshi Department of Poultry Science 2020
Matt McIntosh Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2019
David Gibbs Department of Fine Arts 2019
Hugh Churchill Department of Physics 2019
Tom Spicer Department of Chemical Engineering 2019
Andy Pereira Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences 2019
Jeffrey Wolchok College of Engineering 2019
Wayne Brashear Assistant Chemical Hygiene Officer**  
Robert Beitle Interim Director
Research Compliance**
Rick Williams Manager
Hazardous Materials*
Richard Ashworth Manager
Environmental Health & Safety*

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 7/31/17