Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee

Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

The Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee makes recommendations on transit operations, parking and traffic rules and regulations, parking facilities, traffic signals, traffic flow, and other matters related to streets, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and parking. The committee recommends priorities for the expenditure (for new parking lot construction and resurfacing existing lots) of money received from parking registration fees and penalty charges. It receives and reviews petitions and suggestions on these matters from other university agencies and individuals.

Membership consists of seven faculty members and four staff members, these 11 to include the chairperson of the Public Safety Council (faculty member), the chairperson of the Traffic Appeals Court; and the chair of the Staff Senate Parking Committee (staff member). In addition, membership will include one representative each from the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Facilities Management, University Housing, the University of Arkansas Police Department, Off Campus Connections, and the Transit and Parking Department; five students, one of which will be the president of Residents Interhall Congress and one which will represent off-campus undergraduate students, and, ex officio and non-voting, the associate vice chancellor for business affairs.

The chairperson is elected from the members.

Vacant Student 2019
Samuel Lipson Student
Chair, Associate Student Government Parking Committee
Dillon Fuchsman Student
Graduate School
Clare Yurchak Student
Residents Interhall Congress
Zachary Renfro Student
Off Campus Connections
Michela Cupello Staff
Chair, Staff Senate Transit, Parking, and Safety Committee
Matt Trantham Department of Intercollegiate Athletics 2019
Gary Smith Transit and Parking Department representative 2022
Felisha Perrodin University Housing representative 2022
Mark Nichols University of Arkansas Police Department representative 2019
Laura Shiver Facilities Management representative 2022
Samantha Higgins Off Campus Connections representative 2019
Karen Sebold Faculty at Large 2021
Ed Gbur Faculty at Large 2021
John English Faculty at Large 2021
Song Yang Faculty at Large 2021
Todd Cleveland Faculty at Large 2022
Jee-Young Chung Faculty at Large 2022
Cindy Morley Staff 2020
Matthew Fey Staff 2021
Jeremy McAtee Staff 2022
Clay Greninger Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs*  
Chairperson Staff
Public Safety Council
Christopher Shields
Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting