Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Applied Behavior Analysis, GC

Arkansas Curriculum / Program Administrator, PMC (deleted effective Fall 2021)

Autism Spectrum Disorders, GC (deleted effective Fall 2021)

Building-Level Administration, PMC

Career and Technical Education, BSE

Career and Technical Education, MEd (deleted effective Spring 2022)

Childhood Education, BSE

Curriculum and Instruction, EdS

Curriculum and Instruction, MEd

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

District-Level Administration, PMC

Drama Education, BAT (added effective Fall 2022)

Educational Equity, MEd 

Educational Leadership, EdD

Educational Leadership, EdS

Educational Leadership, MEd

Educational Studies, BSE

Educational Technology, MEd

Elementary Education, BSE

Elementary Education, MAT

English Education, BAT 

French Education, BAT 

German Education, BAT 

K-12 Online Teaching, GC 

Social Studies Education, BAT 

Spanish Education, BAT 

Special Education, BSE

Special Education, MEd

Special Education Transition Services, GC 

STEM Education for K-6, GC (name changed from STEM Education for Early Childhood (K-4) effective Fall 2019)

STEM Education, CP 

Teacher Education, MAT

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, GC 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, MEd